• Flaunt Your Mood With Caprese

    Flaunt Your Mood With Caprese

    A Caprese girl speaks her mind with the handbag she carries! Her love for handbags can go beyond carrying her day to day essentials, it is powerful enough to speak more volumes than what her attire and makeup says about her!  Now say, that you’re the Caprese girl - whether you're a lover of a tote, mini, clutch or shoulder bag, you must know...
  • Make it a stylish week with Caprese!

    Make it a stylish week with Caprese!

      Monday ManiaMonday blues or not, beat the beginning of the week with a punch of bright colours like a stylish neon printed scarf to your otherwise daily monotone or pastel look. Compliment the scarf by carrying a bright yellow Caprese bag & complete this look.   Tuesday TransformationA sassy up-do and red nails are chic ways to spruce up your Tuesday! The week...
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