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Flaunt Your Mood With Caprese

Flaunt Your Mood With Caprese

A Caprese girl speaks her mind with the handbag she carries! Her love for handbags can go beyond carrying her day to day essentials, it is powerful enough to speak more volumes than what her attire and makeup says about her! 

Now say, that you’re the Caprese girl - whether you're a lover of a tote, mini, clutch or shoulder bag, you must know that having the right selection of handbags in your repertoire can take an outfit from zero to hero in an instant and also reflect what your mood is. Even before you say a single word, your bag tends to speak for you. Yes, we really mean it! Don't be afraid of your handbag speaking up for you; it will only make your daily life even more fun!

1. Work Mood

Do you have work on your mind all the time and make no apologies for it? Then a spacious Caprese Satchel bag is the way to go! Carry everything you need to work in style, from your notebook to your lipstick. Wear it with your classy formals to show off your inner boss woman!

2. Chill Mood

Shopping plans with the girls or a brunch date with your bae, travel light when impromptu plans are made! Grab your essentials and fit it in a spacious yet vibrant sling bag which will compliment your day-out look.

3. Sporty Mood

Work out in style but don’t leave behind your gym essentials! Get yourself a foldable backpack that expands at your convenience and makes room for your workout gear when you need it the most. Sweat it out girl; we’ll take care of the rest!

4. Diva Mood

Feeling like a diva today? Put on some bling, wear your bright clothes and bring out your look with a bag which is just like your mood, a fashionista!

5. Cheerful Mood

Feeling cheerful and sassy? Speak your mood with a handbag that captures your bold, cheeky and quirky personality. Pair your bag with a sporty dress or a bold sundress!


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