• What Does Your Favourite Caprese Bag Say About You?

    What Does Your Favourite Caprese Bag Say About You?

    A bag is an important accessory. It defines your style, distinguishes yourself from others, completes your outfit and carries your world. Your personal, go-to bag says a lot about your fashion sense and overall personality, and we are here to tell you just that! We’ve compiled some standout Caprese arm candies which will clarify in a bit more detail what your bag could say...
  • All That A Girl Can Be With Caprese

    All That A Girl Can Be With Caprese

    Did you hear? With more colours, patterns, closet staples and glam…..Caprese’s brand new collection is everything you want and more in an ode to cosmopolitan elegance. Updated with bold and bright shades: our bags are ready for you to be paired with your OOTD! So, let’s dress you up and get you paired with Caprese bags which match your aesthetic as you hit the...
  • Indulge In Self Love

    Indulge In Self Love

    Oscar Wilde once said that “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”.  If you don’t love yourself now, when will you? Loving yourself can be reflected through doing different things which make you happy. It can look like cuddling with pillows, cooking yourself new recipes, watching movies for a whole day, spa massages that soothe you, going on dates with your...
  • Flaunt Your Mood With Caprese

    Flaunt Your Mood With Caprese

    A Caprese girl speaks her mind with the handbag she carries! Her love for handbags can go beyond carrying her day to day essentials, it is powerful enough to speak more volumes than what her attire and makeup says about her!  Now say, that you’re the Caprese girl - whether you're a lover of a tote, mini, clutch or shoulder bag, you must know...
  • Make it a stylish week with Caprese!

    Make it a stylish week with Caprese!

      Monday ManiaMonday blues or not, beat the beginning of the week with a punch of bright colours like a stylish neon printed scarf to your otherwise daily monotone or pastel look. Compliment the scarf by carrying a bright yellow Caprese bag & complete this look.   Tuesday TransformationA sassy up-do and red nails are chic ways to spruce up your Tuesday! The week...
  • Spring Summer Life of Caprese Girl

    Spring Summer Life of Caprese Girl

      SundownerLet’s face it. It’s hot. The only time the weather gives you a reason to breathe a sigh of release is once the sun has descended into the horizon. Why not celebrate this feeling; whether it’s by a poolside or a plush lounge by the beach, we are keeping the look summery yet always chic.The look:A layered ruffled top, semi formal black shorts,...
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