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Spring Summer Life of Caprese Girl

Spring Summer Life of Caprese Girl
Spring summer life of caprese girl


Let’s face it. It’s hot. The only time the weather gives you a reason to breathe a sigh of release is once the sun has descended into the horizon. Why not celebrate this feeling; whether it’s by a poolside or a plush lounge by the beach, we are keeping the look summery yet always chic.
The look:
A layered ruffled top, semi formal black shorts, a pair of look bright colour wedges and a black Caprese bag will complete this fun and flirty look.




Weekend Getaway
What sort of injustice makes work days longer than play days? If you’re one of those who wants to make the most of the 48 hour weekend, which invariably involves a stylish trip outside the city, this avatar is for you.
The look:
A pair of printed baggy trousers, a solid structured crop top, blingy flat footwear and a spacious Caprese tote will complete this uber stylish travel look.


Beginning of a new year at University
The first day of your graduation college is when you have to look and feel your best. Putting enough thought into your look will make for great first impressions! It will of course herald all the days to come so you know what a mental struggle it is to get together something between holiday hangover pajamas and cat walk haute couture.
The look:
Classic blue ripped jeans, printed sneakers, a plain shirt to go for an easy vibe and a Caprese hobo to carry your world around in.



Midnight Ice-cream Cravings
The unbearable heat brings out scarily intense ice-cream pangs that have to be dealt with ASAP. Be nice to the soul who accompanies you on your midnight prowl and dress casually well,even if it means it’s just a few blocks away.
The look:
A pair of comfy harem pants, an easy fit tank top, your favourite outdoor flip-flops and a Caprese wallet to go.


Indoor Concert
The summer calls for indoor events full of culture and vibrancy! Like-minded individuals come together in cozy spots around the city and indulge in some soulful music or stirring theatre. These places are usually brimming with talented people, so when you do bump shoulders with a prodigy, we have the perfect outfit you could wear.
The look:
A maxi dress, a statement bib necklace and a pair of silver sandals along with a Caprese tote will finish this boho chic yet elegant look.



Flea Market Scenes
From vibrant pop events to experimental street cuisine, a flea market is the place to be, as shopping and having fun with your girlfriends can very well become priority during the summer holidays. Beat the heat by keeping your look light and effervescent with a minimalistic approach.
The look:
A summer dress, dainty ballet flats, golden fringe earrings and a Caprese sling will finish this summer-fresh look.



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