• All That A Girl Can Be With Caprese

    All That A Girl Can Be With Caprese

    Did you hear? With more colours, patterns, closet staples and glam…..Caprese’s brand new collection is everything you want and more in an ode to cosmopolitan elegance. Updated with bold and bright shades: our bags are ready for you to be paired with your OOTD! So, let’s dress you up and get you paired with Caprese bags which match your aesthetic as you hit the...
  • Which Bag Personality Are You

    Which Bag Personality Are You

    Which Bag Personality Are You?Just like us girls, every Caprese bag has an identity of its own. A lot can be said about the girl who carries a certain kind of bag. Her style can be deciphered based on the sort of bag she sports, depending on the place, time and occasion. This is your chance to discover what bag personality you could be...
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